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The SPS "Patiño" (A-14) sailed yesterday from its base in Ferrol to the port of Halifax to start the deployment of two months to support the Royal Canadian Navy.

The SPS "Patiño" (A-14) on arrival in Canada will be integrated into a group of RCN and USN ship assigned, along the east coast of North America, about multinational exercises (TGEX-216).

This deployment is a result of a request to the Navy by the Royal Canadian Navy, its inability to supply at sea. This support is based on the principle of solidarity between NATO members, by which a country provides a capability that no other, all without incurring an additional cost and without entailing a reduction in their own operational capabilities of our Navy.

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) with the deployment of SPS "Patiño" (A-14) aims to improve the training of its units and personnel in the replenishment at sea and the protection of HVU (High Value Unit).

In turn, this support provides to Spain a support to the defense industry, foreign prestige for the Spanish Navy and the benefits of training for crews and exchange of knowledge and exprerience with the integration in other allied navy.

Published in Spain
Tuesday, 04 March 2014 10:21


Additional Info

  • Ships in class
    Patiño A-14 22 June 1994 16 June 1995 Ferrol (Spain)
  • Length
    • 165 meters.


  • Beam


    • 23.7 meters.
  • Draft
    • 8 meters.


  • Displacement
    • 17,100 tonnes


  • Propulsion
    • 2 diesel Bazán with a power of 24,000 HP
    • 1 variable pitch propeller.


  • Speed
    • 20 knots


  • Range
    • 13,400 Nautical miles at 18 knots


  • Complement
    • 136 crew


  • Sensors
    • Navigation radar: 2 Decca
    • TACAN AN/URN-25A


    • ESM radar: Indra Aldebarán


  • Countermeasures
    • 4 SRBOC Mk-36 Infrared flares and chaff launchers
    • SLQ-25 Nixie torpedo decoy
    • Prairie/Masker


  • Systems
    • Integrated Communications Control System ICCS
    • Communications UHF SATCOM, SHF SATCOMINMARSATUHFHFVHF, GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress & Safety System), Iridium


  • Weapons
    • 2 Oerlikon 20 mm.
    • 2 RWS Escribano Sentinel 2.0 of 12,7 mm.


  • Aircraft carried
    • Flight deck and hangar for 1 helicopter heavy.
    • Hangar 3 AB-212 or 2 SH-3D/NH-90


  • Replenishment
    • DFM: 6,700 tonnes
    • JP-5: 1,600 tonnes


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